The God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel is alive and He has never left Israel alone and will never live the State of Israel alone. While praying for the State of Israel, the Lord spoke to me and reveal how the ongoing drama in the Middle East will end in favour of Israel. “Head or Tail Israel will always be the winner”, says the LORD.

God wants all true Jewish people home and abroad to rally around and support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because he’s the chosen one. He’s the Israeli leader that will welcome the Jewish Messiah to Jerusalem. The people behind the protests and efforts to bring down his government are mixed multitudes and are not real Jews.

Unfortunately, many ignorant real Jews are also involved in the protests because they were deceived. Many people thought that Bibi Netanyahu is the Israeli problem but unknown to them that he has been entrusted with the solutions to Israeli problems by the Almighty God. All true Israelis must support the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the good of Israel.

All the enemies of Israel will be brought to their knees in less than two years from now. Please, visit my page to read more about what God has foretold about Israel and its Middle East neighbors. Thank you.



Apostle Olurinmade Solomon


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