More than any of his predecessors, former President Donald Trump brought Israel several steps closer to achieving a realistic and enduring diplomatic relationship with the Arab nations. If not that God permitted him a break after his first term in office, by now all the Arab nations including Saudi Arabia would have signed up for the Abraham Accord and establish good diplomatic relations with Israel.

The Biden Administration has done a lot to reverse the gains from the Abraham Accord and to slow down new entrances to the Accord. Despite all the wrong policies of Biden Administration, the Abraham Accord still remain strong and yielding dividends, though far below what it should have been had President Donald Trump not gone on short break.


The Saudi Arabian Diplomatic Error 

The new Saudi Arabian romance with Iran is a coward move and it will end up in regrets. Iran will use Saudi Arabia to boost its diplomatic standing among the Gulf Nations but at the end Iran will hit Saudi Arabia below the belt. It is then that Saudi Arabia will return to USA and Israel like a prodigal son, seeking for help. Iran is like a Leopard, it cannot change its skin for as long as the current leadership remains.


The Fall of Ali Khamenei

The current Iranian leadership under Ali Khamenei will soon collapse. A new government is about to emerge in Iran through the support of Israel and United States of America. The new Iranian government be a friend of Israel and the West, and will cooperate with the World Powers to discontinue efforts towards developing nuclear weapons. Israel will finally emerge as the Main Regional Power without a rival. Saudi Arabia will beg to become part of the Abraham Accord and the remaining Arab countries will follow suit.


The Future Status Of Palestine

Once all the Arabs nations, including Saudi Arabia have embraced the Abraham Accord, the Palestinian Authority will have no choice than to than to bow to Israel and seek to get the best that Israel could offer them. The long awaited Peace Accord will finally come and the emergence of the Antichrist (The Man of Peace – Daniel 8:23-25, 9:27, 1Thessalonians 5:3, The Man of Sin – 2Thessalonians 2:3-8, The Beast of Revelation 13:1-9).

There will be no separate country for the Palestinians. The two state solution will die a natural death because it is not feasible. Palestine will be a demilitarized autonomous region inside Israel and Jerusalem will remain undivided capital of Israel till the arrival of the Messiah.

These prophecies are holy decrees from heaven, they shall come to pass and nothing can change them. All these are pointing to the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming very soon. Therefore, be prepared.


Apostle Olurinmade Solomon



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