The recently concluded general elections in Nigeria are mired by irregularities and corruptions. If necessary corrections and conciliatory efforts are not quickly made, the consequences will be unimaginable. God has His plan to deliver Nigeria from corruption and establish a New Righteous Nigeria which will be a Light to other nations of the world. No one can stop this move of God because there is no more time left to the Return of Christ and the end of the world.

Everyone with personal agendas must give up their personal agendas in favour of generally acceptable National agenda that will make Nigeria Great.

The Sword of The LORD is hanging above our nation Nigeria to execute justice. If we fail to act quickly, all the leaders with selfish agendas who refused reconciliation based on justice and equity shall be sacrificed for the peace of Nigeria. There will be mass burials in the leadership circle of our nation Nigeria. The wicked shall not live to witness the glory of the New Nigeria unless they repent now and obey¬† God’s instructions.

Below are the four steps towards genuine reconciliation and foundation laying of the New Nigeria:

  1. A genuine reconciliation is possible if everyone will accept the will of the Nigerian majority. The INEC should be allowed to declare the correct results based on the original votes captured by BIVAS machines. After the true winners are declared and necessary corrections made regarding the Certificates of Returns, a reconciliation meeting should be organized by the National Peace Committee, where all political parties who met the minimum elections threshold will be brought together on a round table in the interest of the peace and progress of Nigeria.
  2. The party who emerged as the true winner of the general election should have 60% of Ministerial portfolios while the remaining 40% should be shared among the remaining parties who crossed the minimum elections threshold, in proportion to their elections performances. This should be done as a gesture for peace and unity, and this will enable an all inclusive government that will gain the support of all Nigerians. No one will ever wishes for the failure of an all inclusive government.
  3. The above reconciliation process should apply to both the Federal and State government. This will mark the end of the WINNER TAKES ALL in Nigeria and effectively removing all the incentives for sabotage and impediment to the Greatness of our beloved country Nigeria.
  4. The above should subsequently be introduced as an amendment to the Electoral laws in the Nigerian Constitution.

Nigeria is God’s own country with the potentials to become the number one World Power. Nigeria is destined to lead other nations of the world in this End-time both Spiritually, Politically and Economically.

Those who have ears should hear and harken to the Voice of the Lord as He’s speaking through His servant.


Apostle Olurinmade Solomon


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