The Villain, The Hero and The Champion

China President, Xi jinping will eventually broker a cease fire and ultimately proffers a diplomatic solution to Russian-Ukraine war. Thus shall he becomes the Hero of the Russia-Ukraine war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy because of his bravery, courage and diplomacy will turn as the Champion at the end of the Russia-Ukraine war

Russian President Vladimir Putin because of his obsession with Zelenskyy, impunity with Power and poor diplomacy with the Western Powers will eventually become the victim (as he has always claimed to be) and the Villain of the Russia-Ukraine war. Putin will go down in history like Germany Adolf Hitler.

It won’t be long anymore, the Russia-Ukraine war will come to an end. Everyone including their supporters are tired already but they need a fair proposal that will be acceptable to both parties in the war and that is exactly what Chinese President Xi Jinping will offer in his amended mediation proposal.

Watch out!


Apostle Olurinmade Solomon

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