Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a man chosen and appointed by God to lead His great people, Israel at this end of time. No opposition can remove Him from that office. He’s not there by his own will but by the will of the Almighty God. If it were his own will, he would prefer to go and rest, and enjoy his retirement with his family. However, he must fulfill his destiny which is to welcome the Messiah at the end of the Great Tribulation.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has survived many crises in time past and will yet survive the ongoing anti-Judicial reform protests. Whether the oppositions like it or not there will be many reforms to restore Israel back the the path of greatness and make it a true light to other nations of the world.

Thus says the Lord God of Israel, “Israel is my peculiar people, the offsprings of my friend, Abraham. Those who promote sins and abominations in the name of human rights shall not rule over my people. Israel is a nation under God to be governed by Theocratic values and not by corrupted and polluted demon-cratic ideologies.”

“American was a nation under God until she got perverted and corrupted by the polluted demon-cratic ideologies. I brought my servant, former president Donald Trump to restore sanity, but the evil ones resisted him and got him out of the way for a season. Behold he’s coming back like a storm for the sake of the saints and he will continue just for a short while before he’s finally taken out into the rest with other saints, immediately he completes his noble assignment,” says the Lord.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, President Donald Trump of America and the President in the making, Peter Obi of Nigeria are my servants, chosen to fulfill my agenda in this end of time,” says the Lord.

Let him that have ears, hear what the Spirit is saying to the church and the rest of the world.


Apostle Olurinmade Solomon


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