The Final Revival has commenced and it’s ongoing right now globally. The older generation of the church leaders must genuinely repent and return to their first love, that they may be allowed to enter heaven. Very soon, even this year 2023, the Lord will remove all the older and tired Generals like a curtain is removed from the stage. The young Generals must be fully awakened and take their positions for the final battle between the Light and darkness. There is no room for mediocrity. Many of them are currently enjoying the paraphernalia of divine power and are busy romancing with the unending problem of their church members instead of going to the field to harvest the ripened souls of men.

The deluge of God’s is coming and the final outpouring is ready but the people of God are not ready.

We are in the days of God’s power, hear me as hear the Lord, o young Generals. You cannot afford to fail where the older Generals have failed God. This is not the time to be hoarding God’s power. It’s time to prepare the hearts of God’s people to desire and receive God’s power.

All of God’s Generals are Apostles and not Pastors, and your positions are on the battlefields and not on the comfort zone of your cathedrals. The Lord’s command is to “Go Ye” and not to situate around the unending problems of people who are not willing to live for God. Many of them will begin to loose the power that makes them relevant, and if they don’t repent quickly, they will become empty of God’s power. No one can delay this final move of the Spirit of God, those who refused to “Go Ye” will quickly be replaced. “Be warned and be wise,” saith the Lord.

There is time no longer according to Revelation 10:6. The adversaries are not sleeping, they are more conscious of the shortness of time than the Christian believers.


Apostle Olurinmade Solomon

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