On March 14, 2023, the Lord Jesus Christ spoke through my mouth the following concerning the recently concluded Nigerian general elections:

  • Peter Obi is the true winner of the February 25, Presidential election and he will surely without fail recover his mandate.
  • Professor Mahmoud Yakubu and cohorts have failed Nigerians because of greed and they will pay very heavy prices as they go down the negative side of Nigerian history. He has opportunity to repent before it’s too late. He must refund all the proceeds of corruption he received. He must be humble enough to apologize to the Nigerians for his errors and accept responsibility to correct the wrongs by recomputing the votes according to the original votes captured by the BIVAS Machines. He must withdraw all certificates of return given to false winners and issues new ones to the true winners of the elections.
  • The sick man will be forced to permanent rest any moment soon due to a very embarrassing and helpless situation he will find himself. It could be very painful when betrayed by powerful friends (who had given you a false hope) at a time you need them most. However, if he repent and give up on his personal ambition for a generally acceptable national interest and embrace a genuine reconciliation based on justice and equity, his sickness will be cured and he will have the privilege of nominating eminently qualified candidates for Ministerial appointments under the new administration. He will also be privilege as a national leader to make useful contributions to the emergence of the New Nigeria. God will forgive his many sins and the Nigerians will overlook his past mistakes.
  • There will be no interim government but international forces will work behind the scene with overwhelming evidence to recover the stolen mandate.
  • There may be a little delay and a slight shift on the inauguration date but recovery is certain.

God bless President Peter Obi

God bless the faithful, loyal and committed people of Nigeria, both the Activists and the Prayerlists

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“Nigeria is my Country and a Nation that I have chosen” saith the Lord.

“Nigeria shall remain as One-Nation with One-People under God” saith the Lord

“Nigeria shall be at the forefront of the Final Revival and will provide spiritual direction for rest of the world” saith the Lord.

Jesus is coming soon, be prepared.


Apostle Olurinmade Solomon

Note: The original prophecies did not offer the offenders opportunities to correct their errors in exchange for mercy. However, after seeking the face of God, the Lord being a merciful God has given them the opportunity to correct their errors in their own interests and also in the interest of our beloved nation Nigeria. Therefore, the original post has been updated accordingly.

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