The Unified World Currency and the Mark of the Beast (Concluding Part)

An excerpt from “The Return Of The Bridegroom And The End Of The World” By Pastor Olurinmade Solomon

The world is gradually moving towards a cashless society. Satanic agents are already introducing system of control in their organizations, similar to the Mark of the Beast. Microchips containing the individual employee details, including their bank accounts, are implanted either in the foreheads or the right hands of employees. Employees’ movements within the organization are remotely monitored and controlled. They do not need to manually open the door before entry as the door will open of its own accord once the employees display their heads or right hands before the door scanner. Such employees can make purchases at groceries or supermarkets, and payments are made by just swiping their right hands across the POS devices. Very soon, all Credit/Debit cards will be phase out due to their inherent problems, such as cases of cards thefts, damages, or misplacements, and the individual cardholders will be required to have their accounts details implanted on their right hands or foreheads through RFID (radio-frequency identification) Microchips as a perfect and the only acceptable medium of exchange thereby fulfilling Revelation 13:16-17

The ObamaCare Health Insurance is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast. It is just a conditioning process to get the Americans ready for the Biblical Mark of the Beast. It also involves the implantation of microchips into either the right hands or the foreheads of the accounts holders. If not for the emergence of President Donald Trump in 2016 (thanks be to God), by now, most Americans would have been micro-chipped through the introduction of ObamaCare Health Insurance and similar schemes introduced to other countries. (Read more about ObamaCare Health Insurance on Google).

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Pastor Olurinmade Solomon

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