An excerpt from “The Heavenly Home; When Shall I Prepare For My Own House Also?” By Pastor Olurinmade Solomon

In the process, the King summoned the younger Prince to return home because it was time for the King to choose the Crown Prince who would become the kingdom’s future ruler. However, unlike the older Prince, there was no ceremony organized for him because the King was very sad about his lifestyle and was ashamed to call him a son. Finally, the older Prince was appointed and decorated as the kingdom’s Crown Prince. But on the other hand, the younger Prince was sentenced to life imprisonment for making the King sad.

Beloved, many righteous Christian believers have returned home early to heaven ahead of us because their mansions got ready earlier like the Crown Prince. But unfortunately, many others have gone home unprepared, like the younger Prince in the above story. Many of us are still here on earth because we are allowed extra time to amend our ways and be prepared for our heavenly home. However, most of us who have the spare time to prepare for our heavenly home are just living our lives like the younger Prince, who thought he had endless time to prepare.

What have you been doing with all the resources (especially your time, money, spiritual gifts, and talents) that God has made available to you in this world? Are you consciously doing anything in preparation for your heavenly home?

Please, pray the following prayers before you proceed to the next chapter of this book:

O God, my father, please have mercy on me and forgive me for all the resources I have wasted in life in Jesus’ name.
O God, my father, give me the wisdom to daily make conscious efforts to prepare for my heavenly home in Jesus’ name.
Thank you, Lord, because it’s not too late for me to prepare for my heavenly home in Jesus Christ’s name.

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To be continued.


Pastor Olurinmade Solomon

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