An excerpt from “The Heavenly Home; When Shall I Prepare For My Own House Also?” By Pastor Olurinmade Solomon

The younger Prince was among the well-wishers who escorted his older brother to the foreign country’s border. He witnessed that his elder brother was not allowed to take anything across the border. But, of course, he wasn’t bothered by whether or not his brother was allowed to part with anything. He was, instead, happy that he would have the opportunity to enjoy his life without any interference from his elder brother. But unfortunately, he didn’t realize that the extra time he had to stay in the foreign country was to enable him to repent and begin to live a righteous life.

At home in the land of equity and justice, the King gave the older Prince a glorious welcome with a red carpet laid for him. Immediately after the welcome ceremony, he was taken to his mansion and later on to the vineyards prepared for him, having many servants working for him. Meanwhile, back in the foreign country, the younger Prince became more reckless in pursuing his worldly pleasure and ‘enjoyment.’ He encouraged himself with the thought that he didn’t need to bother sending anything home since his father had everything required to continue his enjoyment whenever he returned home.

In the process, the King summoned the younger Prince to return home because it was time for the King to choose the Crown Prince who would become the kingdom’s future ruler. However, unlike the older Prince, there was no ceremony organized for him because the King was very sad about his lifestyle and was ashamed to call him a son. Finally, the older Prince was appointed and decorated as the kingdom’s Crown Prince. But on the other hand, the younger Prince was sentenced to life imprisonment for making the King sad.

To be continued

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