An excerpt from “The Heavenly Home; When Shall I Prepare For My Own House Also?” By Pastor Olurinmade Solomon

A King had two sons (Princes) in the land of equity and justice. One day, the King called his two Princes and told them he was sending them to a foreign country where they would stay until he decided to call them to return home. He informed them that no one is allowed to bring anything into that foreign country and no one will be allowed to take anything out from it when leaving. He assured them that everything they needed to survive would be available in that country.

In addition, the King informed them that foreigners were allowed to send home anything that belonged to them while in that country. However, they would not be allowed to take anything with them on their way home at their visa expiration. Therefore, he counseled them always to remember home daily. So, without much ado, they departed to that foreign country.

While in the foreign country, the two Princes became prosperous and comfortable. The older Prince, conscious of the King’s counsel, began to send home money and other valuables. But, being mindful that no one would be allowed to take anything with them out of the foreign country, he advised his younger brother to remember home. Unfortunately, the younger Prince ignored his brother’s advice, enjoying his life to the fullest, believing there would always be time to do that much later.

Without wasting time, the King’s servants began building mansions and planting vineyards for the older Prince with the money and other valuables he sent home. As soon as those mansions and the vineyards were ready, the King sent one of his servants to the foreign country to bring the older Prince back home. As soon as the King’s messenger arrived and delivered the King’s message, the older Prince bade everyone, including the younger Prince, farewell and hasted after the King’s messenger.

To be continued.

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