Yes, of course! If were not possible, the Lord will not command us to do so.

Please, meditate on the following and pray for the grace you need:

1. Your real enemy is Satan and his demons.

2. The human agents are victims and slaves to the devil who need help to be delivered.

3. It is not by your power that the enemies could not kill or overcome you till now.

4. The God that is protecting you from your enemies is the one who says you should love them.

5. If you obey God by not hating your enemies, you give Him the opportunity to better protect you and eventually give you total victory over them.

6. The little impact the enemies are having in your life is as a result of the hatred in your heart, which serves as a doorway for the enemies’ arrows to hit target.

7. The greatest thing that Satan and demons hate is LOVE. Why do they hate LOVE so much? Because LOVE is God.

8. When your heart is filled with the pure love of God, Satan and demons keep their distance from you.

9. When you have hatred in you, no matter how small, it will always magnetize evil and negative vibrations around you, which makes you susceptible to demonic attacks.

10. You are not doing your enemies favour by loving them, rather you’re doing yourself great favour by pushing the enemies to a disadvantage position – Proverbs 25:22, Romans 12:20

Do you desire to defeat your enemy, Satan, his demons and their human agents? Then begin to love everyone unconditionally. Is it possible? Yes, with God, all things are possible – Matthew 19:26. When you sincerely ask God for help to love everyone unconditionally, you will find it possible and easy to do so.

Caution: loving your enemies doesn’t mean you should associate with them. It simply means that you mustn’t harbor any hatred in your heart towards them. You can do them favour as long as it doesn’t expose you to danger.

God bless you as you act in obedience on God’s command, in Jesus Christ Mighty Name.



Pastor Olurinmade Solomon

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