Have you noticed the recent trends in global events? The world is bedeviled with political turmoil, economic wars among major world powers, global economic downturn, religious extremism, and natural disasters in different continents of the world to mention but a few.

Are you aware that on September 15th, 2022, world religious leaders adopted the Human Fraternity Document (prepared by the Mystery Babylon organization) at the 7th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan? This will ultimately lead to One World Religion and One World Government under the control of the Beast, the Antichrist.

Are you aware also that the longest-serving Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is back in power to fulfill his destiny as the Prime Minister that will welcome the Messiah as prophesied to him about three decades ago when he was not yet a politician?

No doubt we are in the generation that will witness the return of Christ according to Matthew 24:34.

99.5% of the signs of the return of Christ have come to pass, and preparations for the fulfillment of the last sign are almost at their peak. The last sign concerns the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and the reinstitution of the daily sacrifices which the Antichrist will later desecrate during the great tribulation.

At The Midnight Crier Global Outreach Mission, we have the Lord’s mandate to proclaim the imminent return of Christ and to wake up the sleeping Bride of Christ by sharing divine revelations of God’s words in articles on our website and social media.

You cannot afford to be left behind due to ignorant. Please, take advantage of the free resources including eBooks available for free download on our website (, to gain better insight and understanding concerning the events of the last days and the return of Christ.

Remember, it was the understanding of times and seasons that made the children of Issachar standout among the 12 tribes of Israel according to 1Chronicles 12:32. Remember also, that only unto those earnestly looking for Jesus’ return will He appear to the second time without sin unto salvation. Hebrews 9:28

The Return of Christ is imminent, therefore, be prepared.


Pastor Olurinmade Solomon


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